Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chemical Explosion Waiting to Happen

I'm not going to bore you with my medical journey of the last 8 weeks or so... mainly because I just can't remember most of it! But I was just going through my meds in my head, and aside from all the usuals; vitamins, stomach/bone/liver stuff etc, the list of antibiotics i'm on seems ridiculous!
  • Azithromycin tabs
  • Minocycline tabs
  • Cipro tabs
  • Chloramphenicol tabs (this one even sounds dangerous to me!)
  • Temocillin IVs
  • Tobramycin IVs
  • Meropenem IVs
  • Colomycin nebs
  • Tobramycin nebs

And I've been wondering why my poor tum is acting up even more than its usual? Im a ticking friggin timebomb. Guessing there are serious casualties on the "friendly gut bacteria" front. Pity my chest is getting worse all the time! I'm on oxygen overnight now (the damn machine makes my room a sauna) but still feel heavy and have splitting headaches, I've been on IVs almost without a break for months... Its so tiring. Im wondering whether there is any point when i still seem to be deteriorating? It's not like im getting any time to do any more than take meds, do treatments, and every now and then manage a sleep or snack. The chloramphenicol is a last resort from what the docs said, anyone else got any experience with it? It makes my mouth/nose/chest gunk taste like a bastard along with a hundred other shitty side effects. Im thouroughly fed up by the way.



Anyway I managed to get my memory card photos onto my laptop so maybe i'll treat you to a few.

...Or maybe not?!
can anyone help me on why I'm not being allowed to copy and paste text from one internet window to another? ie. from photobucket to blogger? It happened when i tried to post something earlier but i assumed it was a problem with the other site, apparently not. I highlight and copy, but paste is just not an option when i go over to the blogger window! help? :S

ahh. here we go...

My First cupcake exploration with Jordanna, back in September!
the big pinks and whites were vanilla and the lil flat ones in the back there were out of a tom and jerry pack, strawberry sponge, yum... :S

Me at Mumma bear and Paul's wedding :)
at mum and pauls wedding
lookin skinny fingers, and slightly swollen in the face but the rule was no photos of the knees down as my calves were like bulging jellies and wouldnt go into tights, shoes, etc!

Disney Land Paris
sibs at disney
we 3 siblings onnnn Its a Small World i think? fun but a real show made of being lifted into th eboat for me so i felt like the spectacle heh.

fam at disney
and everyone but me stocking up on energy supplies (fries and hotdogs)