The Other Blogs

The Jewellery

Once I get home and up and about again I'm going to try to create a separate blog to show off some of the jewellery I design and make, and hopefully sell it to raise money for the CF Trust!

I use mainly sterling silver wires and metals, along with little glass beads, so the pieces are good quality, and I spend hours making sure everything is done properly - I don't want your things to fall apart! I'm also looking into experimenting with making my own glass pieces, and using copper, silver clay (fires into real 999 fine silver), and other materials to add some variety.

Once you've seen what I can do I could probably take some requests as well if you like what you see but would also like small changes to make your item perfect :)

All handmade with love by me, Lauren Alexandra.

The Books

I've started another blog to write and ramble about my book obsession.

It might end up that I just list the books I read on this page... Like I said on my first book post, we'll see how it goes.

Yes, the address is very similar to the address of my personal blog. But I wasn't feeling at my most creative or witty, and anyway, I think it's a nice touch that it keeps them connected in a little way. So there.