Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Had a month away...

Been a rather poorly bear.
To be fair I have had a couple of okay days, I managed to bake cupcakes with Jordanna which was mighty fine :)
But mostly I have been rotting in a hospital bed. They just cant fix me.

A lovely bunch called the Bosdet Foundation over here have bought me my very own shiny new laptop! And I am now also equipped with a dongle so internet access in hospital is now possible almost always :D very happy about this.

Mainly I'm feeling rather guilty that I have no idea what's going on with anyone! And here I'm meaning with my "real-life" friends as well as bloggy and CF friends. So I ask you please would you comment and update me? With your own news and anything else I should know? I'm so scared I'm missing something, that someone is really ill or something?
Love you guys. xx


  1. Yay new laptop!!!! Not a lot has been happening. My news has been coming your way in forms of e-mails and texts that I hope have distracted you for a short while!! :D We love you! :) Lots of hugs flying your way! xxx

  2. Hey :)

    Laptops are AWESOME!

    I've been ok, sort of, I was really sick a few weeks back that put me in hospital but I'm ok now :)

    School has been really busy cuz we did a play, but we have a short spring break :)

    Hope you feel better soon!


  3. Hello lovely!!

    Things with me are fine. Rejection keeps popping up and my lf isn't where it should be but I'm going back to work tomorrow and getting myself back on track to pump the lf up!!

    Things with me and Gregg are better than ever!! I loves the boy to pieces!! He's just moved back home after living with me for just about three months.

    Keep more in touch hun even if it is just sending me a wee message to say your ok xx

  4. been worryin about you love!

    I'm alright though, just ploddin on, nothings really changed :)

    hope things pick up and you're not so bored with being able to get online xx

  5. Been missing your posts! Glad you have a new laptop that is awesome.

    Iam ok, just on some Iv's for a boost!

    take care m x

  6. Mendy-ness and all that jazz being sent your way :) Not missing anything with me. Started college and I feel like crap thanks to really bad timing of a cold during IVs a couple of weeks ago and I'm back on them now, grr. But YAY for the laptop :) Xx

  7. Hey
    Good to hear from you! I'm good thanks, just concentrate on yourself girlie! xx