Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Topshop Mystery! and PEG tube...

I have a mystery to solve, and wondered if any bloggy friends could help: I have been sent a package. This package is from Topshop, and contained a rather nice red checked shirt, but no note at all to clue me in on who it might be from! And that is the mystery - Who Is The Sender of said checked shirt?? I'd quite like to thank them :)

Also just to keep anyone who might be interested in the know, I've been told this morning that my PEG (feeding tube) will be put in late this afternoon- they just happened to be able to fit me in and my temperatures have been behaving in the last 24 hours so they decided to seize the opportunity and go for it! So wish me luck and hopefully it won't be too painful afterwards etc. :) Ta!


  1. Good luck good luck good luck!! :) Big hugs! xxx

  2. Good luck! Hope it goes well.

    Laura x

  3. Dude what size is it? Let me double check because I ordered a red chequed shirt for myself and it hasn't came yet maybe I sent it to you by accident lol I'll get back to you. If it was me though you keep it call it an early or late birthday present xx

  4. hope the procedure went well honey and that it's not too sore xx

  5. Hiya Lauren, sorry I have not messaged before now- I have been fighting a (significantly smaller than yours) infection and not been on my computer for some time. Sounds like you are having a really hard time, sorry to hear that, really hope that the PEG tube helps things and it's not too sore for you. I had one for 6 months last year that they put in Jersey, so if you have any questions just let me know.
    Really hope you are feeling better soon xxx