Monday, March 15, 2010

First of all, i forgot that i wanted to put a little love out for my mumma yesterday, not that she knows about this blog but she probably will someday and though we have our up and down days she is always there for a hug which i am supremely grateful for, and i know that i honestly wouldnt be here without her (apart from the fact that she gave birth to me, im talking about since then!)... So thank you Mumma Bear, Big Kisses ♥


Got all my new magazines this afternoon, im practically salivating over the Company High Street edit and the new Vogue :)
I have so many wants at the moment. Sadly I'm sure these pics are the closest i'll get!

mulberry alexa
small Mulberry 'Alexa' Bag

eclectic eccentricity,fly me to the moon,necklace
'Fly me to the Moon' necklace from Eclectic Eccentricity

On a slightly ickier note, my chest is suddenly completely clogged, got buckets of gunk coming up, it just wont clear! My cough is sounding horrendous again. Dont want to be back on IVs just yet. Wanted to manage my old 3 months without them!

more later. or another day. we'll see :)

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