Friday, March 19, 2010

I didn't wear jeans today :O

I am so proud of myself, it was even raining!
I wore...


Grey Mango tshirt, black bod-con-kinda skirt from Miss Selfridge, Topshop wooly grey tights, ASOS army boots, River island gold clock necklace, Accesorize buddha necklace. And of course topped it off with my H-UGE chunky black cardi from Topshop :) so. warm. ohmygosh.

So there we go.
Not very exciting, but its a start!

Spoke to Southampton today, they hadn't called me to let me know my blood results from last week even though they promised! My Hba1c has gone from 17 (highest they had seen in years apparently ;) haha) to 7.7 since January 18th, which is quite an awesome feat if i do say so myself. Again, if only i actually felt better for it! Apparently my infection markers were up a bit which i believe cos i feel bloody awful by now.
Wondering what would happen if I just refused any more IVs etc, how long would my body last out? ... i am rather curious i have to admit, as stupid as that sounds.
And i can put my pain patches up to 20 from 15, as theyre still not touching the pain and im hobbling around like an old lady pretty much all the time now.

Went in and spoke to someone about my tattoo again today! Somewhere different than the other day. And felt wayy more comfortable in the few minutes i spoke to this guy, so thinking i'll stick with him. Even though he doesnt have any space for over a month, which is a long time for me! And he wont tattoo hands or feet which means i have to think of somewhere besides my foot to put it. Hmm. Any suggestions? I want to save my back for something BIG, and i dont want it on my tummy or hips because im so self concious of my CF bloating pot belly! And i dont know... When i imagine it on my arms/legs it seems weirdly "plonked down" and not fitting in and flowing right... Which is why i had planned on doing it along the edge of my foot. Suggestions on a postcard (comment) please :)

Oh, PS. This is what Im getting! It's probably very cheesy/cliched but it's what i want. so there :P


... but... better. im no artist ;)
and more naturey, probably without the dragonfly, and with the words in a different order i think.

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  1. I really like the tattoo! What about on your arm just down from your little finger but along the arm instead of across? God I'm bad at describing things! Do you know where I mean??? My friend has one there and I love it! Ahh exciting!! Glad you felt more at ease with this guy!