Wednesday, March 10, 2010


SO this weekend was the trip to London which though it didnt all go exactly to plan was much fun! The Lion King was absolutely amazing, i actually nearlycried, haha! Though i was asleep for about 45 mins of it :( Travelling wears me out plus i had been up since 9am when i usually get up around 11, and we'd been walking round the Natural history museum for a couple of hours in the morning as well. Oh and there was a problem with the stage so they had to stop in the middle and fix something which was ok, we got another interval i guess but i was annoyed because it was just after i woke up and i was thinking "why couldnt i have osmehow known this would happen and slept in this little break?!" but oh well. The hard rock cafe didnt happen, they dont take bookings and we got there and waited in a queue in the freezing cold and bitter wind for 45 minutes, only to be told that the wait for a table for us would be another 2 hours and 45 mins, by that time it was past 8 already and everyone could see how tired i was so we went to a steakhouse instead which was pretty damn good!
I felt really awful because my family were having to carry all my stuff around, and had to miss out on a few things they wanted to do because i was slowing everyone down quite a bit! And it sucked that my brother and sister argued the whole time, but thats pretty normal and it was still nice to spend some time with them.

Spent Monday and Tuesday recovering and then woke up today feeling bloody horrendous! Seriously bad... every bone in my body hurts even more than usual, my nose and throat are really dry and scratchy/burny, my ears hurt and im going from sweaty to shivering every 5 minutes, I'm really out of breath and just generally sick, must have a cold or virus or something...
just really worried now that ive managed to keep off IVs since the beginning of February even though i thought i was only going to last 2 weeks, and now I have clinic in southampton on Friday and im pretty sure that if im still like this then my lung function will be down even more and theyll keep me in again, really dont think i could deal with being away from home at the moment, it would just be the last straw mentally, im struggling quite a bit... Just with so many what ifs and what should i do's in my head regarding my health etc, and i dunno, too much stuff.

I've added so many things to my list! so even though a few got crossed off its getting longer and longer!

Read that Rachael Wakefield got her call for tx, i don't know her but just wanted to send out positive vibes to her and everyone else waiting for organs. Much loves ♥

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  1. That sucks that the Hard Rock didn't work out but yay for Steak!! :) xx