Monday, March 22, 2010

In Pictures

Not much to say to be honest. I feel blue.
But here's some pictures, again, I'm definitely not a photographer! I wish I had managed to sign up for a class before they got full this term :(



I went for a Chinese with my dad this evening at the Mandarin Room - OHMY GOSH it was so good, like uuuber amaze. Beanie cat was very interested in my fortune ;)
I guess it could be taken as either "I will live a 'full' life but die young" or "I will live forever but always be young at heart"... I'd prefer to hope for the second but am inclined to think that it would mostly likely be the first!
Any other suggestions as to what it could mean??

I didn't wear jeans again. yay :)
Wore River Island dress over long sleeved top and ASOS high waisted skirt (to make it all puffy :D love it, heh), black ribbed tights and ASOS army boots, and the cuddle topshop cardi :) oh, stretchy primark belt too.


more tomorrow, i dont feel like writing :/


  1. Pretty!! I'm so glad your exercising your fashion muscles :)

  2. I think that means you're going to live and long life and never go gray!