Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home Sweet Home ♥

I'm home.
It's just fantastic :)
This morning I stayed in bed until it wasn't morning anymore, and there were NO doctors coming in to see me and tell me nothing, NO hapless medical assistants sticking me for blood, NO monitors bleeping or signs being measured, and NO disgusting hospital food being wheeled in to aggravate the nausea.
I got up at 1.30pm and ambled downstairs. Opened the glass doors up to the sun and ate fruit in the garden. I'm loving being home.

My tasks for today are as strenuous as eating as much as I comfortably can, clearing my chest as often as I comfortably can, watching as much tv as my brain can comfortably take! Not too hard. I can handle it ;)
Other than than, I'm amalgamating the one million mini lists that I have accumulated whilst being in hospital! My need for lists didn't fade, and not having the "right" notebooks with me means I now have several (hundred?) scraps of paper with scribbled lists. So I'm trying to take pleasure in creating one big list of all the things I need to sort in the upcoming days or weeks - I'm thinking fiercely positive and aiming for build-up of strength and stamina, and at least a good few weeks before I need to go anywhere near the hospital again. I have an appointment for Annual Review - my first in 2 or 3 years - around August 20th. Now if I make it that long without any contribution from doctors or new medication it will be a big surprise but a girl can dream, right? :)
I feel almost drugged, I'm so bright and positive -feeling. It won't last. But let me enjoy it while I can, okay?
It brings me down knowing some of my friends are back in hospital and in the state of mind that I was just a day or two ago... but I'm going to do my best to sort a little smile for them.


  1. heyaz! about the list thing...I love being organized & neat etc etc but i HATE actually doing it!!!!

    Weird thing about me!!

    hope u feel beta soon :)

  2. So glad you're finally home hun! Know what a rubbish time you've been going through :( I was thinking yesterday about sending you a card or something but didn't really know what to write (similar to when you wanted to mail me on facebook!) Then obviously read on facebook you're home now.. So I'll send you my love in this comment :)
    <3 <3 <3
    Fingers crossed you can stay out of hospital for a while!!

  3. I just realised I promised you a card and I didn't sent it!! I'm so sorry love!

    glad to hear you're home and enjoying the sun and fruit :) I really hope you last longer this time, and will have my fingers crossed for you at all times xxx

  4. WOOOOOO!! So glad you're home though. Must be such a nice feeling. I have a card and little something here for you, with a stamp on the lot. Can you PM me your address so I can still send it you?? Keeping everything (including eyes) crossed you STAY AT HOME for a while now!! Lots of love and hugs!! xxx

  5. Good to hear things are on the way up now!