Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm Alive

Only a quick health update here so prepare for something that does not excite- have been informed that a couple of you were wondering what had happened to me so I pretty much just want to reassure that I am still around! Though again, I'm quite ill.

Portugal continued as it started - it was nice weather but I wasn't really well enough to fully enjoy the trip, mainly problems with breathing continuing. On the last night I was getting pain back in the top of my right lung again, where the trouble was a couple of weeks before, I was really worried about he flight back but it didnt worsen on the flight. I also got stomach pains that just didn't let up.
I got home late on the Sunday night, but was in A and E by 5.30am with these stomach pains as well as vomiting and of course the pain in my lung. After a couple of days in Jersey hospital I was taken by air ambulance to S/Hampton hospital again and ended up being diagnosed with DIOS but also a cavity-causing pneumonia, which is obviously what has been hanging around and making the past few weeks hell for me! And why I didnt feel better after the IVs. Then after a bronchoscopy scheduled for Friday afternoon, it was called off at the last minute (and I mean, seriously last-minute, I was practically being wheeled into the room!) because my blood clotting levels were completely out-of-whack and if they had knocked anything in there we could have been left with a very dangerous bleeding situation. I'm now having a lot of tests on liver function which they aren't too pleased with, as well as high doses of Vitamin K, along with trying to deal with the immense amount of pain that this pneumonia/cavity is causing to my chest, hoping to be well enough for a bronch on Friday. Oh, and I'm also on Fluclox, Mero and Tobramycin for !however long it takes" - let's hope it's not too long as they are messing me up!
I will be back when I can but for now thanks for thinking of me XX


  1. Oh woah. You've been through a lot already :( Shame that you couldn't enjoy portugal 100% too.
    Hugs and mucho loves Xx

  2. You never text me to say what happened with your Bronch!! :(

    Big hugs to you my love. Present will be on it's way when I get home on friday xx

  3. I hope you feel better soon Lauren!

  4. Blimey! You've really been through a lot!! Big hugs to you and hope you start to feel better soon! Lots of love! xx

  5. awwwwwww bear :( !!!!! god, that sounds so awful and scary!! im glad you updated you bloggin, i was gettin worried! did you receive my package yet? I hope it got to you.

    that pain better be easing off, good luck with your bronchoscopy, tomorrow? xxxxxx lymttct

  6. *huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs*

    hope things start easing up for you love! I've got no money til Monday but I'll get a wee something down to you then, hopefully cheer you up a wee bit xxx