Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Steroids taste FOUL.

I just tried to take my tablets and had real difficulty due to the fact that I have been coughing ALLL night, and I mean a cough for every 5 seconds, and my throat has become swollen and raw. Ended up gagging on the prednislone: it's not coated, and tastes HORRENDOUS. Any suggestions for removing the taste from my mouth? I'm sitting here squirming!

The past few days I have just been so desperate to get home and DO stuff. Especially creative-type stuff: my brain is over flowing with ideas and designs and techniques I want to try out! Once I do get back I'm probably going to make a crafty blog and separate my babble out a bit. I've recently acquired some beady followers (thanks guys!) but I don't know how boring or not they find my health complaints?! I don't know, maybe it's nice to have a bit of variety and I should keep it all together. But then if I manage to set up a shop and start selling my designs then it's not going to look too great for my jewellery posts to be mixed in with lung function news or rumbles about loneliness in hospital! Any thoughts here?

I'm looking forward to getting hold of my camera and posting a nice photo-heavy blog too! I know there will be some of Portugal, some of some jewellery bits, some "haul" type shots of the clothes and craft shopping I've been doing, and maybe an outfit or two? And I'm determined to have a bbq and catch up with some real people as soon as possible once I'm back on the rock so hopefully friends, summer dresses and Pimms will be swirled into the photo mix.

disney princess and frog
I think I fell asleep when I saw this in the cinema with my little cousins, so I'm excited that I am now the proud owner of a copy on Disney DVD. Though to be honest the second I stop concentrating my eyes are closing today, because of this damn cough last night! So it might take a few watches before I manage to get the entire story :)

There wasn't really much of a point to this blog, apologies for that.
Ooooh, are any of you lovelies able to knit or crochet?
As you might know they are some of the things I want to learn! And I was wondering if anyone could give any "starting out" advice. Not so much on actual technique, I have found myself a book which seems as though it will be quite useful, but more on say, what equipment is best to start with, etc? Needle sizes, wool weight, all that jazz? Ta in advance!


  1. cool post! hmmm, whenever i have totally disgusting medicine i eat a spoonful of sugar, or condensed milk!!

  2. Thanks for keeping up with my blog, and thanks for letting me know that you're reading. :) It's always nice to have new people introduce themselves.

    P.S. I'm registered to be an organ donor, and I also signed up for the bone marrow donor list recently. ;)

  3. Lol I had that problem with my liver tablets, but they managed to get me some nice coated capsules instead! Any chance they can get diff steroids? I think I had these little tiny pink ones before.
    I used to be able to knit, hehe, this woman over the road taught me but never taught me how to 'cast on and off' basically how to get the wool on the needles and off nicely, lol!! Bit pointless hey..