Friday, June 18, 2010


This morning I received a teeny tissue paper packet with a bow around it from my fantastic friend Tiffany. Inside was a silver chain holding a little silver owl pendant - he has made my day. Very cute indeed, he even has a little twig perch - photos when I'm home.
I also got a little packet of loving from India which gave me a smile! (Though it had got wet so some of the words you wrote were gone, Beau! deary me...) So thank you both so so much XX

Also I forgot to mention, with the beads that I won from Laura I will definitely make something to give away on the blog, pass on the love etc etc.
Like I said, it could be a while but keep your eyes peeled! :)

Today I woke up feeling a lot brighter and even planned to go out for a walk to Sainsbury's (with mum pushing me in a wheelchair still, it's about 3/4 of a mile away and I wouldn't even be able to walk that when I'm at my best to be honest)... But I wanted to get clean and have a shower first, for some reason my shower set off some sort of chain reaction of getting a temperature of over 104, desaturating fast, shivering, and becoming very drowsy... The doctors looked me over and also noticed that I have quite a bit of swelling in my feet, face, legs and torso. We don't know what happened but IV Paracetamols and oxygen for a few hours sorted me out a little bit, though I never did get to go out. Also they did another xray of my chest because they couldn't hear breathing sounds in one area, so were querying a collapse, and they did a bladder scan to check for something else, I think to do with the swelling. They didn't talk to me after that but didn't seem to be worried at the result so fingers crossed that's the end of that!
Looks like I'll be having a bronch tomorrow so please wish me luck because I am very scared.
Hope everyone else is doing better than me!


  1. I promise you a bronch is nothing to be scared about. Enjoy feeling uber sparkly in your lungs for a while after!!!
    Love and hugs!!!

  2. hope the bronch goes ok hun xx

  3. yay glad you received it at last! it got wet though? god darnit, why! were the photos okay?

    Sounds like you're having such a tough crappy time, it must be so scary when things go wrong and you don't know why or how serious it is. good luck good luck tomorrow bear, it'll be fine and like Gem said, you can enjoy better lungs hehe

    lymttct, send me an email and tell me how it goes (or update this and i'll read, of course) xoxoxoxox

  4. D'awh.. I hope you're okay and the bronch goes well!

  5. hope the bronch goes ok love, you'll be fine!

    love n hugs xxx

  6. Hope all is going OK. I haven't posted on here before, but I visit you often. I send every single best wish that I can possibly squeeze out of the clouds for you :-)

    Can't wait to see what you do with Laura's beads :-)

    With love,

    Jennifer xox

  7. Good luck with your bronch, girl! Glad you won those beads, that's a great hobby and you're good at it!

  8. good luck with da bronch!!!!! been missin ur postz!