Saturday, April 24, 2010


Does anyone use this site?

I know there has been a lot of talk about using it for laughs around my friends and facebook etc, mainly to do with creepy guys exposing themselves!
But I just read an article in Grazia about it. I was thinking if I did any kind of art it would make a really interesting piece/project... like 60 minutes, 60 users, 60 screenshots, something like that?
But in the Grazia article something really shocked me... It said that there are people who troll on there and have replaced their webcam view with "fake snuff films", ie. someone swinging from a noose or bleeding to death on the floor. And that makes me so happy that I seem to be the only person I know never to have gone on it...because seeing that would
Seriously, when I read that I nearly threw up and I'm kind of shaking. Eughh. Why?!

Has anyone come across something every sinister like that?
XX Goodnight world!


  1. Eurgh!!! I tried to go on once but it was on my ipod and luckily didn't load! I know a few people who've been on, I read in my magazine too that celebs like Ashton Kutcher go on there?? But yeah if I saw something like that I'd cry my eyes out, I'm such a scaredy-cat I think I'll avoid it :|

  2. I went on once, for about 5 mins, for the crack, and it was rubbish tbh. Thankfully it was before all those weird things started to happen and I've not bothered since b/c it's too weird. Although I've read funny things about it, where people have a puppet of Kermit or something, so it's like they're talking to a muppet. Now THAT would be cool... Xx

  3. sister and i had a go and it was the craziest thing EVER!!!! hahaaa, it's so funny, you deffo need to do it at least once.... don't worry about dying people?! i'm sure that wouldn't happen to you - touch wood. The only thing is however, be prepared to see some gross naked man balls. I think you should do it with a friend for safety!!!

  4. what is it? Never heard of it!

  5. Gemma it's apparently like a hybrid of Skype, facebook and the game roulette! You go on and i think its like a chatroom and you're connected with another person and you can see each other and talk to each other... and there's a Next button which you press to get another random person?!