Friday, April 23, 2010

Some Pictures and Things...

So... things still aren't great.
But I've been very busy this week! Unfortunately not very social, still a hermit!
But Ive been to the dentist - and dear me was it horrific! I was meant to be getting the toothypegs whitened! As they are something I am really concious of like my bloated belly. But I ended up have instead: FIFTEEN (15!!) injections in my poor gummies!! 4 fillings and 5 enamel replacements! Damn you fruit addiction, you wreak havoc on my enamel :(
But at least that's all sorted now.
After the dentist - and a good hour of walking around town, covering my mouth if i had to speak to anyone since i noticed i looked like i had super-gravity on my face - it was time for the hairdressers and I went to a different place than normal as they had an offer of free colour with any cut and blowdry, obviously with a junior but it still went pretty well! I have gone a few shades darker, not quite to the black i used to have but a dark brown... The only thing was the girl was really messy and my hairline and ears are very stained! :( And also, I'm pretty sure once it fades (i only got a semi-permanent tint this time) its going to be red-ish which i asked the, to make sure it wouldnt, but it does seem to have red tones in.
Oh, and about 5 minutes into the appointment the girl asked me how old i was, and literally spent the entire time after that exclaiming "Thats crazy! you look about 13, 14 at most! I dont believe you! You are NOT 18! you know i would still colour your hair if you were under 18, you dont have to lie!" etcetc... I was imagining giving her a good smack! I dont mind a quick word of surprise but this was literally a constant hour and a half of saying i looked like I was in year 8 or 9, I got so pissed off. And the thing was she was only 19 herself, surely she would have realised that I probably wouldnt be comfortable with it? In the end i said a few times "ohh, yeah, i hate it, people always go on about it..." quite pointedly, but she still didnt get the hint. Grr!

So here is the new look... Plus my i <3 zombies tshirt :D love it


And... next change...

Ouch! I *hope* this kinda suits me. But it's what i wanted, well actually I wanted my lip done and have since I was 13 (stupidly did it myself at 15 only to have mother force it out a day later), but my teeth are such a mess already i dont want to risk them being damaged at all more! So my little (well, quite big lol) blue sparkly is now settling into my nose. It freakin hurt for an hour afterwards but now i cant feel a thing!! :D though the hook inside is HEE-UGE and so noticeable from the slightest angle! But 6-8 weeks and i can get something a little more discreet :)

Oh, and a picture or two from the last week or two. Enjoy XX

^ My new owl doorstop :D i love owls! Isn't he cute? He needs a name though. Suggestions on a postcard please...

a genuine Jersey cow <3


  1. Jesus Loz you've got balls having that filmed! Didn't look like the most painless thing to have done! And I love the hair, tres sexy.

    Hmm... owl name... Ollie? Idk!

    The age thing bugs me too. I went for a tattoo consult and the dude thought I was 14 at the most. (I love you provisional licence)

    Much love Xx

  2. that's cool! you really suit the piercing. I always wondered how they got the jewellry in after they put the needle thing through. I had my belly button done last summer and it puzzled me cause I couldn't see what he was doing lol.

    Your hair is lovely too btw :)

    I remember being IDd for a 12 film at the cinema when I was WELL old enough, RAGE! I'm always mistaken for being much younger than I am so I totally feel your pain chick


  3. Love them both!!! The hair makes you look so different and older!!

    I get the age thing too. With Gregg being 19 most people just assume I'm that age too lol who am I to disagree :) xx

  4. :O OUCH! That looked seriously painful! Really suits you though and I love the hair!!
    Owl names- For some reason Squidge springs to mind- I question my sanity sometimes!!! Megs suggestions is waaay better though! hahaha! Xx