Thursday, April 15, 2010

Opinions please?

Just a quickie, if I were to take my jewellery-making and go further with it, eventually hopefully selling pieces, I need name ideas please!

At the mo I'm thinking just keep it simple with some version of "Lauren Alexandra Design" or "Lauren Alex Jewellery"... thoughts? My reasoning is that this would be more flexible than a name which would completely confine me to one style of jewellery, though i dont really know how to explain what i mean?!
Also any random contributions to my melting pot would be appreciated, ta :)
My general style would probably involve silver, copper, and glass... less of the kitsch plastic type jewellery that i love for myself, just mainly because i'd rather be as creative as possible as opposed to minimal stringing of charms onto chain or glueing components together...

Much love.

(Oh and my middle name is Alexandra, it's not out-of-the-blue!)

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