Sunday, April 11, 2010

Late Sunday photos.

On Friday I had a looong chatty lunch at a beach cafe called the Hungry Man at a little bay called Rozel with one of my bestest friends India.
It was pretty :)
i want to buy a boat and sail away.

Last night I managed 45 mins at a Glitter themed party, I wore a plain black dress with glittery tights and eye makeup...i own no sequinned or glittery clothes...
But i was in agony with my bones and couldnt hack it, so another let down of a night!
But here's me and the birthday girl :)
On the upside, I managed to put on falsh eyelashes for the first time ever :O
They were pre-glued which i think helped, stickier than usual glue!

I dont think i can say much else right now. Things are pretty damn shit and im struggling! A Lot!
Im lonely and feel ill, and my family is so fucked up, and im so stuck and confused with money and home, and i feel ugly and just so low, i dont want any of it any more, i cant cope.
any suggestions?!

Hope everyone else is getting on okay.


  1. hey doll, sorry to hear you're not feeling good :(

    I don't have much in the way of advice, but I love your pics and your dress looks lovely :D you taking regular painkillers for your joints? I was put on some a few weeks ago and it's really helping.

    I hope you feel better soon, don't like to see people upset xxx

  2. Hey Ruth...
    it's more the bones than joints specifically, but yeah, been gradually getting stronger painkillers since last June, but since my DIOS episode in October I had to come off most of them, I was on Oramorph, Codeine etc, at the moment Im using Butrans patches and still not feeling an effect after starting at 5mg/hour and upping to 20mg/hour...but then i dont think it helps that every single time I go up on the doage they have to import more into teh island along with hefty amounts of paperwork so it takes a week or so!
    Also been waiting for a drug to help control the bone thinning since June but everything happens so slowly, its ridiculous :(
    Hope youre ok and not too tired,

  3. Hi hun, just like to say I'm here if you'd like a chat???
    I know sometimes I find it easier to talk to people I don't know (and vent my problems) because they don't judge and just seem to get it!! So if you like you can add me on msn or email whatever you like - - even if it's just for general chat :)
    Anyway, I hope things pick up for you soon hun and for the record, your not ugly at all, please keep your chin up :)x

  4. Aw Lauren! Massive Hugs! Pain has to be the worst part of everything for me! It just won't leave you alone and it does make you feel really down! I'm on something called naproxen (before I was on something called celebrex) which is used for arthritis. I mix it with paracetamol and codeine and sometimes tramadol. It helps a little. The pain is still there but it takes the edge of it and makes things slightly more tolerable. Might be worth a try? My hotmail/msn is on my facebook if you want a chat- even about anything and everything :D. Keep smiling. Really Really hope things pick up for you soon! Xx

  5. There was one bit in this post that stood out to me. You think you are UGLY? No way! You look beautiful in your pictures!!
    Hope things start to work out better for you soon xxxx