Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well, actually, before the cuteness, I must just mention the event that our little blogging world has been squealing over - Tori finally got her lung transplant! And yes I know it's late, and everyone else has already said it, my only excuse is the unbelievably unreliable internet connection in the hospital. I am just so so happy for her, and can not believe what amazing progress she is making already. I think she was off the ventilator after just two days, and out of the intensive care unit by day 4? Even if that isnt exactly right, it was very fast. Proud of you Victoria lovely :) Just keep on getting better so you can start making the most of those shiny new puffers!
Also just a thought for the donor and their family, and a thankyou to them for saving our friend's life.

A new follower of my blog, Mizz Ali, recently did a post of her own including awards, and awarded me TWO of them! Which is so lovely. Now I have never really come across these awards before but I will pass them on anyway and it is up to you if you want to pass them along after that.

First of the, the You're a Star award: apparently you have to say seven things about yourself. So...
1) I daydream about travelling every single day.
2) My mouth waters whenever I think of these huge prawns that you could get from M&S at Christmas, Even though they cost like £12 a packet i wish i could treat myself to one every now and then!
3) When my room is messy and unorganised I feel sick and so stressed that I can't sleep.
4) I LOVE LOVE LOVE sending letters, I have lots of penpals as well as writing to my real-life friends sometimes! I also LOOOVE giving gifts, and seeing people's faces when you've chosen the right one.
5) I think pugs are so ugly that they're cute.
6) I still sleep cuddling a teddy bear, I got it about 10 years ago.
7) A very bad habit of mine is starting new projects and not finishing them!!

Ok, well I award this blog to: . . . hmm, let me think.
Well I don't know, so I award it to all of you! So then I won't feel like I'm asking someone to do it lol. Plus, you're all stars, obviously! :D
The other award won't upload unfortunately, and it was really pretty too!

Other cuteness: In paperchase the other day, I bought stickers, postcards and a letter set in their new design, Day Trippers. Its so blimmin lovely:

In other news, I'm probably flying home tomorrow. So happy to be getting out of here, have to admit though, very disappointed in how little I seem to have improved, but the doctors are basically saying now that they don't know what else to do for me. I think they are trying to say that I just need to accept that I am getting worse, and I am going to stay that little bit lower each time I have a blip. Just need to work at it and try not to dwell on it I suppose. And get a move on with living a real life!!

Lots of love to you all out there.


  1. paperchase sums you up like a button. if we had paperchase over here, that's where i would go to buy you presents xxxx