Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hospitals are Never Quiet.

the Loud roar of clean air
it keeps killers inside this room
inside this porridge hued prison cell.
Loud doors swinging SHUT:
welcoming me back into the fold
a little worse today
a little worse this time.

Loudness in bleeps and bells
incessant shrill piercing bells
Another drug forced into my veins
intended to poison the enemy in my lungs
destroying some part of me each time too.
a part forever undiscovered
stripped of life before its time

i know somewhere in this hospital
someone is screaming
someone is crying
a person is dying
their last breath just a whisper
the Loud of the place.
I am afraid.

Next could be me.
Or another of us, my own,
this breathless army

We dont know when the next bomb will drop.
Maybe we could fight
Maybe we would make it to shelter
Maybe not

Im just a weak body, weak lungs,
mind weakening
sanity unravelling
ever so slightly.

Ok, so im not a writer. but I think the drugs are addling my brain XD
I like the lines in bold.
I'm sick again.
No more... I hate that complaint is all my blog is :S
I am so weak.


  1. It's really good Lauren! And you are most definately NOT weak in the slightest! I didn't see this post as complaining! Keep smiling chuck! Love and hugs! Xx

  2. don't worry about complaining, I feel like all I do is complain too! but that's what our blogs are here for, for sharing the good and the bad.

    you're poem is great sweetness, and so true!!

    get better love! xxx

  3. Just one of those things where your on a persons blog who has like a million followers so you pick a random person to check out.
    Also glad that there is someone else out there that shares the Fall Out Boy love

  4. You're not weak, you're strong! Sorry you're in the hospital, hope you feel better soon. I like "Breathless Army" too!

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  6. wow, lauren, this is such a powerful poem. I can really imagine what it must be like stuck in that place, :( ! i love the army metaphor and the 'screaming' 'crying' 'dying'... gosh. you're an amazing poet. you should definitely write more. how long will you be away for? is there any way i can send you something ;) xxx

    p.s. sorry i deleted that other post, it was riddled with spelling errors LOL

  7. thanks guys :) nice to know people are kindof listening, even if i am slightly embarrassed that i wrote this post haha!
    indie, im gona be here probably another week-10 days unless a miracle happens!! stuff can be sent to me at Infectious Disease Unit/Adult CF Ward, Southampton General Hospital, Tremona Road, Southampton Hampshire, SO16 6YD
    and i would be ever so happy if something arrived pour moi :)