Saturday, May 15, 2010

Too Far?

It just slightly worries me that I babbled a lot of crap last post and things have gone quiet on the comment front.
Having said that, it was a Friday night so those of you who aren't poorly were probably out having lives etc!

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  1. no words can describe how much i love this blog


  2. I commented :)

    Oh and also, I totally agree with the above comments :D

    Love and hugs! xxx

  3. nope no probs! Sometimes there just isnt anything to say hun, babble away! xx

  4. I wasn't so much worried that no-one had commented cos i wasn't interesting, im pretty sure im not riveting and carry on typing anyway haha! just where i was kindof rambling about CFers in general and dying and stuff... i dont know if that would offend people :S i still feel like the new girl in school to the circle of CF bloggers and not sure if i completely fit in you know?
    i dunno. rambles again :)

  5. i dont know, its just so interesting and fun to read!! BTW, got an award for you on my blog!