Thursday, May 20, 2010

Majorly Violent Hiccups

...have plagued me the last two days.
But I'm breaking out of here! Wahoo :)
After an anxious day spent trying not to get my hopes up too much, the doctors finally came round and literally just said "Okay, so we're happy for you to go." All the waiting all day for THAT?! And I'd missed my usual flight by then. But now, after a very hectic hour spent panic-packing, I have just time to blog a little and munch my apple before I leave for the next flight. It's with a different airline to my usual and apparently the planes bear a resemblance in size to toy aeroplanes, so this should be interesting...

I am a very nervous flier.

Anyways, slightly changing subject to distract myself from the shaking and sweaty palms I can feel approaching, I am so grateful that my dad squeezed a lot of my stuff into his bag to take back after he spent the weekend here... My case is bursting at the seams, and my big handbag weighs about as much as a small person. Oops! How could I have actually accumulated more stuff whilst being here? I sent the clothes I bought back with dad... And I would expect to have less than when I came over seeing as I brought bottles of Ribena and crisps and chocolate with me! Hmmm... I s'pose I do have a bunch of medications they've given me. Oh! I have a new neb! I finally got an eFlow wahooo :D Now yes, I know that it's tiny but when you first get it there is lots of extra bits and bobs. That must be it.

Ok, well, off to see if my toy plane can make it across the channel now :|
Wish me luck. xx
I can't wait to get home and do some crafty stuffs, I feel deprived of journalling and designing and making jewellery, I really do. I can hear my silver calling to me...


  1. gooood luck =) interesting post =)

  2. Hello!

    I hope your flight home was uneventful..the thought of a small plane makes me shiver.


  3. yeay eflow! wahoo! No excuse to not do your nebs now :o)

  4. yay!! back to the isle, call me asap, i want to hear all. (especially about how this plane went?? and also about these new meds) xxxxx