Thursday, May 27, 2010

Excitement, then Disappointment, Worries and Decisions!

Well, first of all, wahoo for 20 followers!
Sadly yes, I am excited by this. Especially since Laura Sparling was my number 20 and looking at her beads and blog makes me drool :)

But. I need some advice, please, my head is all twirly.
Situation: I'm not well. I've broken out of the hospital wayy too early because I'm meant to be off to Portugal for ten days starting today (Thursday) lunchtime. I realised this afternoon that I don't have any frickin travel insurance any more. Spent 5 hours on phone and internet and found only two companies who will cover me now that I'm so much more ill than 3 years ago when I last needed it, for £520 or £770 for the 10-day trip, even using a list of specialist companies that I got from the hospital and from the CF boards. The holiday is already shaping up to be very stressful for me for certain reasons, this is adding even more to it! My mum says she wont take me if I dont buy the travel insurance, saying that she will be hugely disappointed in me if I choose not to go, because I have the money saved: Cue, slagging off to the whole family if I dont go. Thing is it's a huge chunk of my savings, which I actually have plans for, yes maybe my mum doesnt think I'll ever do the things I want to but I have to have something to hope for!!
I really don't konow whether just to pay for it and go along, or to refuse and let everyone down. Saying that it seems obvious that I should just do it. But I know my dad won't be happy at all, and I won't exactly feel thrilled...
Argh there's just so much stuff I can't even explain. I'm stuck.


  1. mmmm this is a tricky sitch!!!
    what is this portugal trip for exactly?
    that is SUCH a lot of money loz... your mum can't expect you to be happy about paying that amount.. but..... if it's for a good cause then i think you should do it. you can save again, but if this is going to help your health then go for it!! you hopefully won't regret it ! xox
    p.s. i'm so sorry about your friend :( love you x
    p.p.s (on a far less serious note) congrats on getting 20 followers! :)

  2. Very trick indeedy.

    But I think you need to think about you and your needs/concerns first.
    I tend to think if things are turning out difficult, it is for a reason. Don't push it, just don't go. You need to be ok with your choice.

    REALLY sorry to hear about your CF friend.

  3. if your in europe arent you covered for emergency care? i don't bother with insurance for europe :S

    It's awful that your in a sticky situation, i you mentioned about the things you want to do with your money, i hope you find a solution. Someone said age concern are good for travel insurance.

    Thinking of you. x